How Public Speaking Workshops Can Improve Women Lawyers’ Careers

Public speaking is an essential skill for any competent lawyer. Unfortunately, they don’t teach it in law school. Most women lawyers think they have this skill down because they can articulate themselves using many words. There’s also a vast difference in the way you think you sound and how people perceive your words. Bridging such gaps is the main difference between brilliant litigators and average lawyers. As you have to convince judges, company executives, clients, the media and even the public.

Why Should You Attend Such Workshops?

Lawyers need to speak in court, commissions and various hearings. Sometimes they have to address the public, business meetings or talk to the media on the request of their clients. Such proceedings need to take as little time as possible. Attending public speaking workshops train women lawyers on how to communicate as concisely as possible. They also help lawyers to connect better with their audience and tap into their empathy. Public speaking workshops also give lawyers the tools required to be fearless while addressing large groups of people. Gaining such skills can turn even the shyest of lawyers in ferocious trial lawyers.

What Skills Do You Stand to Gain?

Public speaking workshops train you on every aspect of speaking to the public. This includes preparing to make presentations and various styles of intonation. You also get to learn how to reinforce your words with the use of visual aids and your body language. Such skills can make lawyers more persuasive in court. The training also makes you more confident, and therefore likely to win any argument. Even if you are timid, you could gain such a convincing voice that even the public could believe you have all the facts at hand.

Who Should Consider Attending?

  • Trial lawyers
  • Company counsels
  • Legal directors
  • Business managers
  • International trade specialists
  • Lawyers representing international trade cooperation